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Turning Interest Into Action

Carlsbad Literacy Program is a non-profit organization of trained volunteers committed to advancing English literacy in Eddy County. Our purpose is to provide free, quality instruction in reading and writing, High School Equivalency preparation (HSE – formerly referred to as the GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), Citizenship Test Preparation, and basic computer skills. We are an Accredited Affiliate of ProLiteracy which requires standards of quality to be met and continually achieved. The CLP has been providing these services without interruption for more than 34 years! The focus of our program is to bring participants to at least a sixth grade proficiency level so they can have a wider margin of success in life. For some, this means passing their HSE exam; for others, it means filling out a job application or communicating efficiently with others. All of our participants attend out of a desire to improve their lives.